So I realize that I am a hypocrite. I love to preach the wonder of black text on a white background! Yet for the time my website has been with this new design, the text has been cyan on a transparent blue with a dark background. Yes, it looks kinda cool (I think so, anyway), but I realize that not everyone might be able to read it.

I was ironing my shirts (yes, domesticated programmer is domesticated) and it hit me: I’m a damn programmer with tons of experience in Javascript and CSS. I should solve this problem! It’s what I do!

So, a little CSS, a little Javascript and here you have it: E-Ink Mode

At the top of the website there is now a little button that turns the content portion of the site into (tada!) black text on a white opaque background with sans serif fonts for easy reading!

I’m too lazy to have it persist across pages, but it’s just a click to turn it on and a click to turn it off so it’s not something difficult. Plus, not enough people read this thing for it to be a problem. :P


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