Rumors of my death…

…have been greatly exaggerated.

As my last post stated, I am not dead (yet). I have been so busy with life in general that I have almost forgotten about my own website! I suppose I should be putting this thing to better use than letting it sit and collect spam comments and digital dust. I do have a lot of personal projects on my plate that have failed to launch or are in a state of non-progress. For the benefit of myself and the few people that run into this place, I’m going to list them here:

  • RPG GM Map system (In progress)
  • QOQ Model 02 + Backtrack Linux 5 built (In progress)
  • Port-o-rotary powered my TI MSP430 (On Hold)
  • Hacked Fonera AP (90%, futzing with auto mounting SD card)
  • Home Asterisk server (On Hold)

Those are the few things, tech-wise that I’m working on. My art stuff has kinda reached a wall, as work sucks the creativity out of me and random distractions steal my time away. Hopefully I’ll get some inspiration and let it take off. Until then, the tech-related projects provide a more tangible reward. I’ll try to keep tabs on what’s done and not done as we go (and probably post more often). I plan to do write-ups on the projects I have not totally forgotten what I did.

To great success and completed projects!

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